Fractional CMO

What is a fractional CMO anyway?
If your business does not have a Chief Marketing Officer, and you’re not ready to hire one yet, a fractional CMO might be the answer. The fractional part of the term mainly means the person is not full-time, and it is not a permanent position. Yet, they can perform the acts of the CMO as needed for your organization. You can potentially hire a talent at a higher level than what you could hire as a full-time employee. This person could also be a bridge between filling immediate needs and the future hiring of a CMO.

In the “about Randy” section, you’ll read how Randy Gunter worked as a fractional CMO for Nextech AutoGlass, helping them rebrand their company, building a new marketing strategy and plan, and reaching a lofty sales goal. In that particular case the payment structure was very weighted, requiring certain goals to be met in a pay-for-performance scenario.

A fractional CMO is a step beyond a marketing consultant engagement that the CMO could perform extra functions for the company, including representing the company at tradeshows, making new business pitches, fielding marketing calls, working with the media, being the spokesperson for the company, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about having Randy in a fractional CMO role, please call 608-424-0264.