Are We An Advertising Agency?

We used to be an advertising agency. We’re not anymore. 

If you hire us to help create a marketing plan, we will strategize on how the creative should be implemented to emphasize the sales and branding goals. We can certainly create the creative briefs. We’ll develop the brand platform. If you want, we can work hand-in-hand with your existing agency during this process or hand off the report and they can run with it. Or if you don’t have an agency, we can help you find one.

Or, if you have an in-house agency/marketing department, we can certainly help them take the plans and implement them too. 

But we are not looking for an ongoing advertising agency relationship. We’ll let others do that.

The only possible exception is we still can offer branding development services. Helping you create your brand identity, product naming, slogans, and the types of items that help define your brand. But that’s different than the advertising and marketing. And we always do the brand development/design separate from the marketing plan. The plan comes first. Anything else comes later.