Strategic Marketing = Increased Sales + Higher Brand Value

We grow sales and market share for challenger brands competing with larger companies by developing actionable marketing plans.

A business that doesn’t make sales, doesn’t stay in business.
A business that doesn’t sell their products at a profit, doesn’t prosper and grow.
People make purchases based on their perception. The perceived value of your brand directly relates to the purchases and value of your product or service.

These are business basics in the world of marketing. Now of course there are numerous other components of building a growing business. (Operations, employment, logistics, cash flow, taxes…the list goes on and on.) But if you are doing all of those things right, and you are not making sales, your business will fail.

We help businesses look at their brand and marketing programs to grow. Whether you are looking to reach your first million in sales, or are an established company that has reached a plateau and is stuck, working with you we will develop a strategic marketing plan to take you to the next level.

About this website

This website has two components. First, if you are a company in need of our services, we certainly talk about that on the site. You can find a lot of the way we think right here. We share the outline on how we create a marketing plan to help you grow. If you contact us, we’re happy to discuss your individual needs. However, please realize, we’re not a good fit for everyone and we only take on a few projects.

Second, this website has valuable articles and information for businesses. Businesses that really don’t need our strategic marketing services can still learn something. You don’t need to sign up or give us any information to read the articles. We just ask if you find something worth sharing, please give attribution. And Randy is working on a book that brings a lot of these ideas into one place, so if you find value in what you read here, consider purchasing the book when it comes out. (Late 2023.)